May 15, 2001

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Welcome to this compilation of project reports and presentations created by the research investigators participating in NLM-funded contracts under the NLM National Telemedicine Initiative and related programs. This is a first for the Library: the creation of a comprehensive public record of a major research program, with original source documents, made available in CDROM publication and on the NLM website.

NLM began major funding for telemedicine-related activities in 1993 as part of the Federal High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) program. In 1996, NLM inaugurated the NLM National Telemedicine Initiative under the HPCC program. On March 13 and 14, 2001 NLM sponsored the symposium TELEMEDICINE AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS: OPTIONS FOR THE NEW CENTURY. The conference brought together the NLM investigators active in telemedicine to discuss results obtained and lessons learned from their research projects under these two NLM initiatives. The meeting program and presentations are in this compilation which constitutes the proceedings of the conference.

Michael J. Ackerman, PhD
Carol B. Haberman, MS, MPA
Conference Co-Chairs

Proceedings edited by: Carol B. Haberman, MS, MPA

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