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Experimental Videoconferences and Webcasts

This page has links to selected videoconferences, many of them experimental, that were recorded and archived. Real Player is need to view them. A free copy of Real Player can be downloaded here.

EVDO Rev A Wireless Webcast & Videoconfernece by Cell Phone - 2007
Tests of video transmission via cell phone were done using EVDO Rev A. The first was a one way webcast of a virtual tour of the National Library of Medicine. The second also was a virtual tour, but with two-way interective videoconferencing.

Indianapolis Telemedicine Testbed - 1998-2003
A clinical assessment encounter between a remote physician and a nursing home resident using wireless televideo that was part of an NLM funded project with Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Visible Embryo Distance Education Demo - Introduction April 2002
A demonstration of the NLM's Visible Embryo Project resources for distance learning was conducted on April 17, 2002 that involved videoconferencing and collaboration bewteen the the Oregon Health Sciences University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the National Library of Medicine. The introductory and concluding portions were webcast live using a camera and laptop computer connected to NLM's wireless network. The webcast was an extension of the AMIA wireless experiment using a better camera and only a portion of the webcast is archived. Excuse the camera movement at the start.

Webcast Videoconference on Evaluating Health Science Education Website - June 2001
An experiment was conducted where panelists at 4 sites participated in a multipoint continuous presence videoconference over the Internet (IP) using the h.323 protocol from their desktops. The conference was streamed live in a webcast to a larger audience that was able to communicate with the panelists in the videoconference via chat.

AMIA Wireless Webcasts of Selected Scientific Posters - November 2001
An experiment was conducted where selected poster presentations at the annual meeting of the American Medical Informatics Association were webcast live using a laptop and wireless network in the exhibition area.

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