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NCBI Bioinformatics Quick Start Mini-Course


The Office of High Performance Computing and Communications at NLM has collaborated with the National Center for Biotechnology Information at NLM to explore the use of real time distance learning technology to deliver their educational programs. The effort involves trying to replicate the environment of a computer lab so students can have hands on experience and the instructor can access their machines at a distance to provide help. This virtual computer lab allows the remote instructor to see exactly what the student has done and to take control of the student machine to correct problems and provide feedback, much like they would if they were physically co-located.

The Qiuck Start mini-course offered to Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science on March 6, 2008 was recorded in its entirity and can be viewed by clicking on the presentation link below. To get a copy of the slides only, click on the slides link.

Real player is needed to view the presentation and a free copy can be obtained by clicking here.

A plugin also is required for Real Player to view the presentation. If the plugin does not install automatically go to, click download, and then click on the download link for Real Player.

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Bioinformatics Quick Start Mini-Course
Medha Bhagwat, PHD
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Library of Medicine
March 2008
PowerPoint slides on the quick start mini-course.
Click on the link to download the slides.
Highlight for Bioinformatics Quick Start
Mini-Course Hands-on Instruction

Instruction Highlight with Screen Capture

DV Recording Highlight without Screen Capture
National Library of Mecidine
March 2008


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