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Next Generation Internet

On May 9th, the Board of scientific Counselors meet to review the National Library of Medicine's Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) and selected internal R & D activities. Dr. Michael Ackerman, NLM's Assistant Director for High Performance Computing and Communication, made a presentation on Internet2 and Next Generation Internet in NLM's board room that was followed by demonstrations of selected external and internal projects in NLM's Collaboratory. Fifteen Next Gerneration Internet Projects were funded externally. Five of them were selected for demonstration to the board as well as two internal R & D activities. Follow the links below to access information about the Next Generation Internet Initiative, decriptions of the 15 projects receiving external funding, and videos of the presentation and demonstrations.

Information about NLM's Next Generation Internet Initiative.

Information about 15 R&D projects funded by NLM, including contact information for principal investigators.

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