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The "View Current Broadcast Link" will access any current live video broadcasts by the Collab. The link will only work when a broadcast is in progress. Check the schedule for broadcast topics and times. The links under Video Library are to events and presentations that have been recorded so that they could be offered on the Internet. Real Player is needed to view videos.

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WashSys & Other Live Webcasts

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Video Library

Visible Human Videos

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body Exhibition Opening Program - February 2006

NLM Telemedicine Symposium Presentations

Experimental Videoconferences and Webcasts

NLM Scalable Information Infrastructure Reverse Site Visit Presentations

NLM Next Generation Internet Presentation and Demonstrations

NLM Next Generation Internet Reverse Site Visit Presentations

Washington Computer Aided Surgery (WASHCAS) Special Interest Group Presentations

Presentations in Medicine for High School Students at Charles R. Drew University of Science and Medicine

Board of Scientific Counselors Presentations - September 2004

Genomics in Perspective

HPCC Lecture

NCBI Distant Learning Quick Start Mini-Course